Extra work pays off!

Professional footballer Cebio Soukou about victories, defeats, and the beginnings of OVATIME

I played for VfL Bochum in my youth and simultaneously started training track and field. So I learned early on how important additional athletic training is for physical fitness.

I soon realised: I wanted to become a professional footballer!

I began trying additional training methods, but found very few programs that could really help me improve my performance on the field. Instead I spent too much time on exercises and training that did not bring me any closer to my ultimate goal. A waste of time and effort we want to spare you with OVATIME.

The importance of health and fitness in football

I unfortunately injured myself quite early on with a cruciate ligament rupture in my right knee while playing for the U18 national DFB team in 2009. After 6 months of rehabilitation, one realises how vitally important health and fitness are for footballers.

During rehabilitation I trained a lot and learned in particular how to listen to my body. The athletic reconstruction program helped get me into such good shape that I was able to end the following season with the title of “Top Scorer U19 Bundesliga West”.

Three years later I tore my cruciate ligament, my inter-articulate ligament, the cartilage, as well as both menisci in my left knee. The end of my dreams of professional football? Absolutely not! What followed was a 13-month fight to get back on the field, which again showed me how important it is to know your body, to challenge it and care for it at the same time.

Physically fit and back on track, I played for Rot-Weiss Essen in the regional league at peak performance and gained the attention of professional clubs. I attribute this to a healthy mind-set, good recovery plan, and my targeted training regimen.

Nutrition in competitive sports

In the winter season of 2014/2015, I took multivitamin tablets to prevent a cold. As a result of a positive doping test, it became apparent that these tablets were contaminated. In the end, I was able to prove my ignorance about the contamination, but this does not mean that athletes are not responsible for knowing exactly what they put into their bodies.

OVATIME aims to provide you with detailed information about a balanced and healthy diet and gives you tips for tested food supplements. We ask nutrition experts and football professionals share their experiences with the tested products we offer in our shop.

Young and motivated footballers

As a young athlete, one will inevitably reach the point at which one must decide how much time and energy one is prepared to invest in the sport. Those who choose the dream of becoming a professional, dive headfirst into fitness training. One can find countless programs, apps, and services on the internet, but very few apps are aimed at increasing performance in football. Until now!


The unsuccessful search for useful, training-oriented sport programs inspired us to start OVATIME. In collaboration with trainers and players we developed specific training plans, which I myself have been using for several years. These plans build on one another month to month and aim to develop your football-specific athletics. Video instructions demonstrate the correct execution of individual exercises.

Setting up your profile allows us to determine the focus of your training. There you will also find a calendar function – after all, you should not only be executing the exercises correctly but also integrate them perfectly into your weekly rhythm.

OVATIME represents years of successful training and professional experience, an effective concept for long-term increases in performance, and the love for professional sports.

OVATIME is your chance to get the most out of yourself and your training, and to increase your performance on the field in the long-term. Seize the opportunity and join the OVATIME family!