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Target your weaknesses and improve on your strengths!
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Stay one step ahead of your competition and become the fastest player on your team!

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Falling behind in the final phase of the game or becoming a match-winner?

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Modern footballers need speed and stamina. Become the perfect athlete!

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makes you better

Train more effectively than the others!

We are convinced that team training alone is not enough to improve all your skills as a footballer. It is almost impossible for trainers to including all exercises necessary for optimal physical condition in a 90-minute training session.

To rise above the other players, you should independently increase your training with additional units.

  • Become as fast as you possibly can!
  • Run farther than the others!
  • Become more robust and win tackles!
  • Learn how to rest, because the next game is always the hardest!
  • Become aware of yourself and your body to avoid careless injuries!
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What you get


Training Plans

Every month through your personal profile, you will receive an individualised athletic plan that prepares you for the demands of professional football.

  • Different degrees of difficulty
  • Customised frequency
  • Athletic focus


Furthermore, we customise OVATIME training units to fit with your regular team training -both in scheduling and content - and demonstrate the correct execution.

  • Calendar Function
  • Instruction Videos
  • Training Management


Both the right diet and the appropriate equipment are basic prerequisites for your performance. Our partners will introduce you to professional footballers' favourite products.

  • Supplements
  • Equipment
  • Training Materials

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